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The Callander Cabin is a one bedroom architectural design which is 36m² in size. 

The internal layout is very efficient and functional. The external facade is simple and elegant.

The addition of the external hardwood timber structure adds a level of sophistication and elegance, and distinguishes the design from others in the market.

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We want to make adding a Callander Cabin to your property stress-free. Below is a list of the services, materials and finishes we will provide from start to finish.


  • Site inspection

  • Architectural documentation

  • Engineering documentation

  • Private certifier inspections and approvals

  • Complying development council fees

  • Homeowner warranty insurance

  • Long service levy fees


  • R3.5 Ceiling insulation

  • R1.5 Wall insulation to external walls

  • Plasterboard ceiling linings

  • 150mm weathergroove smooth cladding to all internal walls

  • Square setting to wall/ceiling junctions throughout

  • Solid core doors and door hardware to bathroom

  • Timber skirting and architrave – 90mm bevel edge

  • Polished concrete floor to kitchen, living, dining, hallway and bedroom

  • Custom made built in wardrobes with drawers and hanging space

  • Internal painting


  • Waterproofing

  • Tiling floor to ceiling

  • 600mm wall hung vanity unit

  • Toilet suite

  • Matte black tapware to vanity and shower

  • Frameless glass shower screen

  • Iconic double power points and switches throughout

  • TV outlet in lounge room

  • Smoke detectors as required

  • Distribution boar


  • Civil works – strip topsoil and remove from site (flat block)

  • 30m trench to connect to mains power

  • 30m trench to connect to sewer and stormwater

  • Form, place, and finish concrete slab

  • Termite protection

  • Timber frames and trusses

  • Galvanised custom orb roofing

  • Commercial grade aluminium windows and doors

  • Galvanised custom orb cladding

  • Gas hot water unit

  • Digital TV antenna

  • Polished concrete deck

  • Hardwood framed pergola


  • Custom made melamine and laminate kitchen carcass and vinyl doors

  • 20mm Smartstone benchtops from standard range

  • Kitchen sink and tapware

  • 60cm gas cooktop

  • 60cm retractable rangehood

  • Tiled kitchen splashback from designer range


  • Pendants in the kitchen

  • Downlights in the bathroom

  • Wall lights in the bedroom

  • External wall lights


  • Private certifier – occupation certificate

  • Cleaning

  • Handover meeting

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A Callander Cabin is where luxury meets minimalist living.

Designed to be the stress-free way to add functionality and value to your property, they’re ideal for extended family members, older children still living at home, or as a guest house.

Our one-bedroom cabin with the abovementioned inclusions costs $150,000.00.

The price includes the cost of a custom-built cabin inclusive of standard firings and professional construction from a reputable and licensed builder. 

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Click here, phone or email us with an expression of interest.


Before we can see if a Callander Cabin is the right fit for your property, we need to conduct a free site inspection. This is where you'll provide your property address and we will arrange for our Builder to inspect your property and confirm if a cabin can be built via a complying development certificate (CDC).


The selections process is one of the most exciting and fun steps of building your new cabin. Our builder will walk you through the process of the construction of your cabin. This is an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of the specifics of your cabin and provides you with the chance to discuss any upgrades that you may desire.



Prior to commencement of work, a construction deposit is required along with the submission of Home Owners Warranty Insurance and the signing of a BC4 Master Builders Contract. This is a contract that is approved and protects both parties throughout the construction of your cabin.


We will prepare and submit your application to either our private certifier of your local council for approval. Our team will liaise with all other professionals and authorities and complete all applications, pay fees and obtain authority certificates on your behalf including BASIX.


Once your contract has been signed our team will then issue a start date. From the start date, the construction of the cabin will be completed in approximately 12 to 14 weeks.


On completion of your cabin, you will be invited to an onsite meeting with our Builder to review the job and identify if any final works or items need to be addressed.


Congratulations! It’s time to pick up the keys and warranty information for your brand new cabin.




What are the requirements for building a Callander Cabin on my property?

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (the policy) was introduced on 31 July 2009. The policy’s intent is to facilitate the increased supply and diversity of affordable rental and social housing in NSW.


The policy contains a number of requirements that must be met, to enable a Cabin to be built. The key ones to remember are that the block must be at least 450sqm, and at least 12m wide.

There are many other requirements, and our team are well trained to help identify and advise you of these requirements.


Do all Council areas in NSW allow Cabins?

The Affordable Rental Housing policy is a NSW state-wide policy, which covers all Council areas. So, if your property meets all the requirements of the code, then generally all councils in NSW must approve a Cabin on your property.

What is Complying Development?

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a NSW state government regulated Environmental Planning (SEPP) policy, which outlines the generic housing code requirements.

If your proposed dwelling complies with the SEPP code, then you are eligible for approval through an accredited Private Building Certifier.

CDC is normally a more expedient and cost-effective process when compared to a DA, as CDC’s bypass neighbour notifications and are a generally shorter timeframe for approval.

However, if your home doesn’t meet the requirements for a CDC, then lodgement for a DA is the alternative method. Although the DA process takes longer, the benefit of council is their planning policies can be more flexible with setbacks and other areas where a CDC cannot be.

How long will it take to get my approvals?

A CDC typically takes about 14 days to get approved once your application has been lodged to the Private Certifying Authority.

A DA is a longer process and can take anywhere between 2-6 months for approval once your application has been lodged with Council. This can be due to many factors such as Council’s work schedule, complaints from neighbours, complexity of the design or the number of council departments which the proposal needs to go through before it can be approved.

Will Callander Constructions do my approvals?

Yes! We are a one-stop-shop and can handle both CDC and DA Applications and will act on your behalf to make your journey with us as smooth as possible. Let us take away all the hard work away from you.


Can I make changes to my Callander Cabin? 

We want you to love your Callander Cabin and so we are flexible with variations. We are happy to design a custom Cabin specific to your needs, block requirements and/or budget. 

I have my own plans; can you build it?

Yes. We are happy to provide you with a quote to build on plans you have already done yourself.

How big can a Callander Cabin be?

Cabins can be as large as 60 square metres, but that is just the indoor space. Your Cabin can be as expansive as you like. You can even have a garage. We design our Cabins to feel huge with indoor-outdoor flow. 

Can a Callander Cabin be attached to the existing house?


Are your Callander Cabins kit homes?

No. We construct your Cabin from the ground up based on designs specific to your block.

Can you design a Callander Cabin to accommodate the elderly and people with disabilities?

Absolutely. Our Callander Cabins can be designed for any purpose. If you have specific needs such as wheelchair access, lower kitchen benches, security systems or other specific requirements, we will ensure that these are incorporated into your design.


Does it cost anything for the first visit?

No. Call 0424 830 863 to arrange a time and we will come examine your block suitability and discuss your options.