• Sally Callander


Approximately four weeks ago, or whenever it was (it seems like years), when all this Covid-craziness began, I mentioned to Richie that it might be a good idea to build a cubby house. The idea of being unable to socialise with our friends and family, and being stuck at home 24/7 with 3 young boys had got me thinking of many tasks for my dear husband to entertain said children.

Richie quickly decided to embrace my idea and within days of my request, I had a backyard full of building materials.

Under the guidance of foreman, Archie, age 6, Richie knocked up one of the cutest cubbies I ever did see. 

The kids and I were most definitely more of a cheer squad than active participants in the build, although I am sure Archie would argue the case for the latter.  What we have learnt during this period of isolation is that the kids do not care what we do, they just like it when we are all together. Already it is a happy memory from the somewhat troubling time of iso. The end of the weekend saw one cubby house built and one celebratory fire, complete with champagne, marshmallows and lots of excited “peekaboos” out of the cubby windows.

The following weekend, adamant to get the kids off their iPad's, I suggested that we paint the cubby house. Pretty quickly it became clear that paint and children aged one, three and six do not mix. Besides a large amount of dirt becoming ingrained in the paint, I don't know why our 3-year-old didn’t understand that we were only painting the trim in Dulux Sepney and not the entire cubby. Kids, am I right? Whilst Richie advised that he wouldn’t pay me by the hour, I have to say that I found it quite therapeutic and a welcome distraction in amongst the terror that had plagued us the last couple of weeks.

The cubby has already seen one sleep out and one very sore Richie in the morning but having all his mates over to sleep in the cubby is top of Archie’s bucket list once isolation is over.

The exercise of building the cubby turned an extremely stressful and worrying time for us into a memorable time with the kids, one that perhaps would not have happened had we not been forced to stay home. 


Post written by Sally Callander